Robertsbridge Neighbourhood Plan

Robertsbridge Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan Timeline

28th September 2017: Public Hearing held in Robertsbridge for invited participants, including S&RPC, RDC, EA, landowners/developers to consider eight specific questions posed by the Independent Examiner, Mr John Slater.


23rd August 2017: Guidance Notes and Agenda for a Public Hearing on 28th September 2017 were published, including specific questions to be addressed.


14th August 2017: - 'Initial Comments of the Independent Examiner' received, including his conclusion that it is appropriate to hold an oral hearing to consider certain matters.


26th July 2017: Responses to the Independent Examiner's initial questions submitted (by the Parish Council and Rother District Council).


5th July 2017: Initial Questions received from the Independent Examiner to Rother District Council (as the Planning Authority) and the Parish Council (as the NP Qualifying Body).


May 2017: The Salehurst and Robertsbridge Neighbourhood Plan, Strategic Environmental Assessment and accompanying documents, together with all duly-made representations, were submitted by Rother District Council to the appointed Examiner, Mr John Slater, to undertake an independent Examination of the Plan.


10 February to 24 March 2017: Rother District Council six week consultation on the Submission Version of the Plan, in accordance with Regulation 16 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations (2012).


December 2016: Salehurst and Robertsbridge Parish Council submitted the 'Submission' version of the Salehurst and Robertsbridge Neighbourhood Plan to Rother District Council (Regulation 15).


September to December 2016: Salehurst and Robertsbridge Parish Council carried out the Regulation 14 public consultation on the Draft Neighbourhood Plan.


September 2015: Comprehensive questionnaire, built on evidence and consultations to date, delivered to every household in the parish (online completion also available) by an army of local volunteer 'Street Champions'.


July 2015: Sites information open day for landowners / developers to present potential sites to the public.


April 2015: Salehurst and Robertsbridge Parish was designated by Rother District Council by resolution CB14/80 on the 13th April 2015. The area being that of the Parish Boundary of Salehurst & Robertsbridge.


March - April 2015: Call for Sites process, with adverts placed and landowners contacted to invite landowners / developers to put forward potential sites for development.


February to April 2015: In accordance with the Regulation (6), Rother District Council publicised the area application for a period of 6 weeks and invited representations on the area designation.


February 2015: Salehurst and Robertsbridge Parish Council formally submitted an application to Rother District Council for the designation of a Neighbourhood Plan Area.


January - February 2015: Initial weekly meetings of interested parties, leading to formation of a Steering Group of 17 local people (including four Parish Councillors and two District Councillors) to take the project forward.


January 2015: The Parish Council formally approved doing a Neighbourhood Plan at a Meeting of the Parish Council on Monday 19th January 2015.


January 2015: First public event held to explain the Neighbourhood Plan process and explore interest/ commitment from residents.


December 2014: Full colour Neighbourhood Plan 'special' edition of the Parish Newsletter delivered to every household. Successful application for ten hours free support from a consultant to assist with initial consultations and decision whether to proceed.


August - November 2014: Initial discussions and investigations by Parish Council to explore the possibility of embarking on a NP for S&R.






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