Robertsbridge Neighbourhood Plan

Robertsbridge Neighbourhood Plan



The Salehurst & Robertsbridge Neighbourhood Plan is now 'made'.
10th Jul 2018


Following the hugely positive vote in the Neighbourhood Plan Referendum on 31 May, the final act in creating the Plan as a legal entity was in the hands of the Council members at Rother District Council. At their meeting on 9 July, they had to decide on a report from their Cabinet asking them to approve the Neighbourhood Plan, which they did unanimously.


At the meeting Cllr Sue Prochak, who was a member of the NP Steering Group, spoke, welcoming the advent of the Localism Act which made NPs possible - 'with the aim of giving power to the people'. She paid tribute to the Parish Council for backing enthusiastically the venture, especially in terms of its commitment in terms of scale, complexity, time and expense, adding though that in view of the Examiner's decision post the Public Hearing, it was not perhaps entirely all power to the people.


It is worth noting that the Grove Farm 1 application came before the Rother District Council Planning Committee on 21 May and was approved but policies of the Neighbourhood Plan were taken into account in the decision made by the Rother Planning Committee. This was a first as far as Rother District Council is concerned, to acknowledge the impact of a Neighbourhood Plan on a major planning decision.


Stephen Hardy

Chair of the NP Steering Group

Parish Councillor


REFERENDUM RESULT - the community says yes...
1st Jun 2018


The Referendum on the Salehurst & Robertsbridge Neighbourhood Plan was held on 31 May 2018.



The result was a clear 'YES' (to adopt the plan drawn up by our community).


See full article


Referendum Information Statement
19th Apr 2018


Rother District Council has today published a Referendum Information Statement, with details of the Salehurst & Robertsbridge Neighbourhood Plan Referendum to be held on Thursday 31 May 2018.


The document can be seen here; it is also available on the Resources tab, with all the NP documents.


FINAL PLAN APPROVED - We are going to Referendum
17th Apr 2018


We are delighted to report that, after many hours of discussion with RDC, we have agreed the final version of the Neighbourhood Plan, incorporating the Examiner's recommendations, and it has been approved by RDC to go to Referendum.


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Examination Report published....
23rd Jan 2018


The Independent Examiner, Mr John Slater, has issued his Report on the Examination of the Neighbourhood Plan (23/1/18). It is available to view on the 'Resources' page.



Post Hearing Documents now available
12th Dec 2017


All responses to the post Hearing consultation (Revised SEA) and other documentation invited by the Examiner can now be accessed via the Resources page.


Correspondence between Hodsons Mill and Independent Examiner
15th Nov 2017


On 1st November 2017 a representative of Hodsons Mill sent an email to the Examiner, via the Programme Officer, with regard to the requests in his Post Hearing Note, to which Mr Slater responded. A further related email was sent to the Examiner on 14th November, and a response issued 15th November 2017. These items of correspondence can be viewed on the 'Resources' page.


Consultation on the Revised Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Environmental Report
1st Nov 2017


In his Post Hearing Notes Mr John Slater invited the Parish Council to review the Environmental Report (SEA), in particular the relative scoring of alternative sites, contained within the Environmental Report. The Parish Council accepted this invitation and the revised document is now published here for consultation:

Revised SEA Environmental Report 31 October 2017


This consultation runs from 9am, Wednesday 1st November 2017 to 5pm, Tuesday 28th November 2017. Anyone is welcome to comment on the revised Environmental Report


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Post Hearing Notes from the Independent Examiner
6th Oct 2017


Mr Slater has produced his Post Hearing Notes, including details of actions, with deadlines, noted specifically for the Parish Council and for the representatives of Hodson's Mill.


He also refers to an email received following the Hearing from one of the representatives for the Diocese of Chichester (Vicarage Site) regarding the gradient of the proposed access; the Notes and the email can both be viewed below:


Examiner's Post Hearing Notes


Email regarding the Vicarage Site access




Vicarage Site - Revised Access Plan
2nd Oct 2017


At the Public Hearing on 28/9/17, the Diocese of Chichester circulated a proposed access layout plan; this has been published and can be seen by clicking on the 'Resources' tab at the top of the page.

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