Robertsbridge Neighbourhood Plan

Robertsbridge Neighbourhood Plan

Steering Group

The Neighbourhood Plan has legal force when it has been approved and will then form the legal basis for local planning decisions. However its validity can only come about by correct consultation and planning. This is the job of the steering group.


When correctly devised and implemented the neighbourhood plan gives Salehurst and Robertsbridge more power to resist unwelcome or poorly thought out development. Plus developers will have to pay a new Community Infrastructure Levy for most new homes built in the village (there are some exemptions, such as Housing Association properties).


With a Neighbourhood Plan, we will be given a higher percentage of that money to spend on things that matter to us. This is a great opportunity to say what we want for our area between now and 2028, and the steering group will be taking it forward.



Steering Group Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference for the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group were approved by the Parish Council on 16th March 2015. They can be viewed here.



Steering Group Membership

The membership below was approved at the Parish Council meeting on 16th March 2015. The group has formed 6 working groups based on the main themes arising from public feedback - these, and the leaders of each group, are indicated in the table below.


Steering Group MemberGroup LeaderEmailRegister of Interests
Martin Bates  view
Graham Browne
Sheila Brazier (admin/secretarial) brianandsheilab@googlemail.comview
Peter DaviesEnvironmentpcdavies77@btinternet.comview
Ruth Hardy (nee Augarde)
Stephen Hardy (Chairman)Economy &
Jeremy Knott  view
Sean O'
Judith Rogers  view
Gillian Smith  view
Lesley Smith  view
Tamara Strapp  view
Emma Watkins  view


Contact details



01580 881 309


01580 880 740



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